Send to friend - wont work 100%

i own a hosting company and needless to say i have the email server on lockdown,

you cannot spoof email addresses, ie, the outbound email server will not let you send emails with a non valid email address as the “from address”

so if you fill out the send to friend and put in your email(a non required field)

the submission returns an error.

on version 1.3.5 i easily removed this field from the form to resolve this issue, i am still looking on version 2.0.6 to see where it is because it seems to not be in the same spot…

any help would be good on where they moved it, i am still importing the site via dreamweaver to do a search on all pages to look for the code…

anyway, and back end setting in the admin area would be a nice and simple fix to toggle that on and off

How come there is such kind of BUG.

Cs-cart has to test their product thoroughly!!!

Thanks for the information crack…

It’s not necessarily a bug. It depends on the host.

To fix it, I created an address soley for Send to friend and added it to: /addons/send_to_friend/controllers/common/send_to_friend.php

if (!empty($_REQUEST['send_data']['to_email'])) {
$view_mail->assign('send_data', $_REQUEST['send_data']);
$view_mail->assign('link', Registry::get('config.http_location') . '/' . fn_query_remove($_REQUEST['redirect_url'], 'selected_section'));

fn_send_mail($_REQUEST['send_data']['to_email'], array('email' => '[COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR]', 'name' => $_REQUEST['send_data']['from_name']), 'addons/send_to_friend/mail_subj.tpl', 'addons/send_to_friend/mail.tpl', '', CART_LANGUAGE);
fn_set_notification('N', fn_get_lang_var('notice'), fn_get_lang_var('text_email_sent'));
} else {

great i will check , your code out when i get home…

it looks like you are specifying an address (which would work) but i just want to remove the field from the display which will give it a null value(and thus send it)

its not a bug persay, its the fact my email server settings dont allow you to have a from address that is not on the server, ie the admin settings define a smtp user to send from but the form is trying to send with the "my email address"field on the send to friend form…

i have very high anti spam settings thus the send from email user will not work…

now if they simply used the from email in the smtp settigns or removed that field, as i have suggested it will work fine…

i found the code

(your template)customer/addons/send_to_friend/hooks/products

it was line 21, just comment it out to bypass the field (hide it)