Send To Friend Issue

I can’t believe I am just now noticing this (but of course I haven’t sent myself anything. LOL) but customers have not been able to successfully use “Send To Friend” because my host will not allow mail relaying.

From Host:

[QUOTE]We have disabled sending any emails with the field 'FROM; containing email address on the domain that does not exist on the server. We have taken these measures due to mass SPAM sending through forums, guestbooks, contact forms scripts on our servers.

Mail relaying is also prohibited.

You need to change your script’s settings. In order for your scripts to work as intended, you need to set the ‘FROM’ field to an email address that you have created under your account.[/QUOTE]

Anyone know how and where I need to edit the script that sends mail before I go spending a lot of time looking for it?

Edit: I suppose I could create an email send_to_friend @ and make it permanent in the From field? Anyone have any constructive thoughts on this?

Yes, there could be such a problem on some servers. In order to fix this please replace this line of the code:


with your e-mail (from which sending e-mails is allowed) in the “send_to_friend.php” file located in the “addons/send_to_friend/include/common” directory of your CS-Cart installation.


If you change the code as suggested in the post, would the email be visible by someone viewing the page code?

The whole reason for using froms instead of email links is to prevent scammers from harvesting email addresses directly from web pages.

It looks like if you hard code the email address in the send_to_friend.php, it may not be visible, but just want to check.


The e-mail will not be visible in the page source.

Yes, thank you orangegirl. I found this yesterday and didn’t have a chance to post the fix.

Just to clarify for everyone, place your dedicated email addy in the line: