Send products direct to profiles

Hi all,

I was wondering the following:

With the profiles, is there a way to allow people to send products direct to premade profiles, rather than logging across to each one?

I am putting together a site where parents can add children names (profile names) and as the parent browses the site the customer can click add to profile (like add to cart) and put that product to a specific kid.

Any help on this would be awesome


Interesting idea, bit not possible in standard cs-cart. There is no hierarchy of users and there nothing to separate a users profiles outside of checkout. If this were cross-user, that would be a big security issue.

Not sure if it's what you want but the Gift registry addon comes to mind.

Well if the Wish list give the ability to save more than 4-6 wishlists that would be great… and if you could name them… eg for each children.

Is there an ADDON or capability for the cart to have more than one wishlist per account login?

Good Idea, but its kind of shop specific concept. Not all shop requires it.

Wishlists are tied to the user_id. It might be possible to extend this and have it be a combination of user_id and profile_id in use. It would take investigation and of course depends on how much of the wishlist addon is really embedded in the core files (many cs-cart addons have support in the core).

[sub]what type of costs would it incur if your were to investigate and provide a solution?[/sub]

Please click the link in my signature line for “get a quote” and specify what requirements you have and I'll be happy to give you a quote.