Send email to last logged in users

I would like to filter all users to last log in date so I can highlight and disable any users who havent logged in over a certain time to disable them.

Ive checked advanced search, but no

I am afraid, there is no such a feature out of the box

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You can sort users by log in date. About all I can think of.



you could use the API and supplement it with a sql query (SELECT firstname, lastname, email, FROM_UNIXTIME(last_login) as readable_date FROM cscart_users
WHERE last_login > UNIX_TIMESTAMP(‘2023-10-06 03:30:13’))


Thsi seems to filter them by active users who havent logged in for over a year

api/v1/profiles?dispatch=profiles.manage&user_type=A&sort_by=last_login_date&sort_order=desc&status=A&where=last_login_date < (now() - INTERVAL 1 YEAR)';

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