Send Email Invoice

On a new store I just setup (2.011) the email invoices (to customer and store owner) are not automatically being sent. We are using and the orders are showing up in the Admin area as Processed. In the Admin area if I click on and Order and check Notify customer the email invoice is then correctly sent out.

What am I missing to get the invoices automatically sent?

Orders–>Orders status

Check to make sure you have each status setting setup to how you want it


I found it right after I posted. I was surprised this is not on by default.


David… I use as well… I ran into a major problem when I clicked the “remove CC info from order” checkbox on the “Open” status (which I think is P)… CS-Cart informed me that if you have this box checked for “open” orders (which are orders that have not yet been paid for), it will throw an error… With, CS-Car tells you it was declined because of an invalid credit card # or CVV2 # …

Just wanted to share that experience with you so you don’t run into that problem like I did… I couldn’t receive CC orders for a week until I figured it out