Send Discount Coupon On User Signup

Hi folks.

Wondering if anyone has implemented sending a coupon code to a user when they signup.?

I'd like to build a promotional landing page with a signup form. When they signup they receive an email with a discount coupon code.

CS-Cart MV 2.2.4

Thanks for your replies in advance.

Our Auto Mailer add on will do that and much more for you. Auto Mailer


I think I might be interesting in that too. So with your addon, I can add a coupon code to it, so whenever a customer sign up, they will received that coupon?

It can also, send e-mail to let customers know to leave a feedback with the link of the items?

let me know


Sorry for the delay, was traveling…

You can edit the template (or create new ones for different coupon codes) to include the coupon code.

Yes, the default template is a reminder to provide a review with links to the product details pages for each product purchased.

Note that each 'event' is associated with an email template. So you can have a different template related to each criteria you establish or you can share them across events.

Just wanted to chime in and let everyone know tbirnseth's (Tony) Auto-Mailer add-on is worth every penny. We use it to send follow up emails 10 days after an order is changed to complete. In this email we ask how we did and ask for reviews and offer a 10% coupon for their next purchase. On average that simple email generates hundreds of dollars every week. How can you not justify spending the $65. You wont be sorry.