Selling Tangible & Digital Products

Hi Everyone,

I finally just launched my new store and have a little thing that I am not too sure about.

In my old store the orders that came in would be automatcially set into different statuses depending on what type of items were purchased.

eg: If the order only contained digital products and was fully paid the status would be set to 'complete'.

If the order had tangible products, it would be set to 'Awaiting Shipping'.

This made it much easier for me to process the orders as I didn't have to view each and every order straight away and could get to work with packing orders.

I was checking the statuses area and there doesn't seem to be a way to set up any conditions to set the status automatically. Am I missing something or does it all have to be processed manually?

Thank you for your time.


Hello, zmc!

You can add order statuses which are necessary to you (Orders → Order statuses, add new order status on the page) but, unfortunately, you will be able manage new order statuses manually only.

Best regards, Alt-team

Thanks Alt-Team

I was afraid that was the case. I figured out today that even to process reward points I have to manually change the status of every order to complete.

It would be a great feature to be able to set up conditions for order statuses like the promotions are done.