Sell two sizes as once?

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i am using CS Cart, and want to sell a product with different sizes,

my question is:

can the client buy 2 different sizes at once? or he/she has to enter the product page two times to buy each size independently?

if its possible, can someone explain to me how to do that?

Thanks in advance


Hello Dalal!

In standard CS-Cart it works the following way:

  • A customer selects one size of the product and clicks the “Add to cart” button.
  • The pop up window with the “Continue shopping” and “Checkout” buttons is displayed.
  • If a customer needs to buy another size, he/she should click the “Continue shopping” button, then select another size and click the “Add to cart” button.

Is this what you mean?

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When I finally take the plunge to CS-Cart, I plan to see if I can customize it to do this.

I think this community contribution may help you

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I think this community contribution may help you


This one works a treat that Glen did, but I am having a mod done which includes images of colours etc also,

I will let you know when it is complete.