Sell Digital audio track?


We want to use cs-cart to sell CDs!

But we also want to sell single track, like 99 cents for single digital track only … what is the best approach? If create one product for each track seems too much work!!!

Please advise!


I would like to do the same. I hope we can figure out the best way to accomplish this.

Look up CS-Cart user “Recedo” - He runs a HEAVILY modded CS-Cart store, at - which seems to have the sort of functionality you’re after. I haven’t seen him around in a while, but perhaps posts/threads he participated in could help.

Of course, it’s also possible that he simply asked CSC support to customize his store to include this. In this case, I suppose you could just submit a custom mod request, and ask for the “” treatment. They might be able to just refer back to the job they did for him, and replicate it.

ty for the reply, that site you posted is exactly what im trying to do. Hopefully I can get a hold of him. ty again.