Selecting languages CS-Cart Ultimate

Hi all,

I'm developing 4 websites/stores with the new Ultimate version of cs-cart.

There are 3 Dutch ones and 1 German store.

I don't want to display the language switch on the websites, because all stores have only 1 language.

In the backend I enabled/added the two languages Dutch and German.

This is working just fine, but I can't disable/enable the languages per store.

When I'm adding products or pages in one specific store (let's say the 1 German store) I always have to check/change the language set for the backend.

So I can enter all the details in the Dutch language for the German store.

Also in the frontend of the German store when I would show the language select block it shows 2 languages.

Is there any way I can enable/disable the available languages per storefront?



Hi Gerard,

You can do.

First select 'All stores'.

In 'Administration' select 'Languages'.

Select the tab 'Languages'.

Now you see your two languages Dutch and German.

Click on 'Edit' for a language.

Select the tab 'Share'.

Now you can select in wich store the language will appear.

You can add or delete stores.

Now your stores only shows the shared language.

If you select 'All stores' In the backend you can still edit the two languages in product pages …

If you only select one of your stores you can edit only the shared language in product pages.

Good luck,


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the tip! This works fine.

The only thing is that the backend is in the same (German) language, because there's only 1 active language, but this is no big deal.