Select a Tab in 2.0.10

I am looking for a way to select a tab on the product details page similar to how you could in 1.3.5 with the fn_show_section function. So basically the user would click a link on the product detail page and that would make a tab active. An example of how this would be used is so I can have a read reviews link by the Reviews area on the product page by the stars above the price, which when clicked would preselect the reviews tab. See this thread for what I had done in 1.3.5. I have it displaying in 2.0.10 the way I want but can’t get the tab to be selected.

He is correct, it seems there is no documented way to switch tabs in 2.0.10. Has anyone seen a function or method comparable to fn_show_section that would allow switching tabs.

I’m trying the cart under the 60 day trial, but find it disconcerting the developers disabeled such a useful function and worse yet did not document what it was changed to and what should be used for switching tabs. In addition it seems they are very slow to respond in the forums. I can understand the “custom development” pitch, but company staff should be available to resolve all questions related to product changes they have made or any functional problems.

Hi whiplash13,

Just wanted you to know I resolved how to “Select a Tab in 2.0.10”. I’ve posted a detailed explaination and the necessary javascript at this post:


Hope that helps.

Thanks. I posted a solution as well in my original Reviews thread which could be reused by just replacing the block name.