Security Pop Up Box during Checkout

I have had this issue before and can not find where I posted this but what happened the first time was I have a secure area with ssl cert for cart area and register area and when I first placed an aftermarket live help script in index head area it would trigger a https dialog box security error press yes to continue one I a sure people are familure with so we created a file called livehelp.tpl placed in directory and then used {include file=“livehelp.tpl”} in the area where I wanted it to show but I can not remember if we have to do something in variables/value area in languages because it does not apprear any longer upon checkout, now I have a small script I placed in head area and does it again and I tried the {include file=“mobile.tpl”} way and no results like before so I do not know am I missing something and where can I place a tiny script in index to prevent that dialog box from popping up when a customer checks out