Security issue


I wonder if it is possible to use ip-addresses as a unique pre security logon feature. The steps:

  1. log an IP-nummer of a potential customer
  2. before possiblity to buy approve this customer by admin and set this unique ip number in a database / table
  3. use an ip-database / table with unique ALLOWED ip numbers. Just these machines / persons are allowed to buy from the store. The first check is the IP table check (allowed to logon or not) AND allowed to register
  4. get also username + password logon for checking the unique IP and the user of this unique IP

    I want to use the script just only for a fixed number of customers (buyers). So the first IP check will filter possible spamers. It is possible to:

  • use this ip check as a pre control before people could register?
  • use this ip check as a pre control before pepole could log on?

Anythings possible, but I don’t know if you really want to do that. Sounds like opening a can of worms. People can have differen’t ips, most people don’t have static ips, and people switch their internet provider all the time, not to mention surf on various accounts.

You can log the ip, if they cheat you, you have that to report them with perhaps.