Secure Trading Payment Gateway


I was wondering if anyone knows about securetrading payment gateway, As far as I can make out this gateway isn’t currently supported - am I right here or have I missed it?

If it isn’t supported already is it a difficult job to add a new payment gateway?



well eventually got around to looking at this and I now have a secure trading payment gateway page that I have put together.

Not too difficult a job as long as you have the integtration guide from the payment gateway in question and I am sure I could tidy it up a bit further.

It would be handy if there was a bit more detail in the forum and knowledge base about making your own payment gateway. In fact when I found someone making a post about what the call back URL should be the advice seemed to be pay the cs development team to do the job even though the person asking the question seemed to be most of the way to getting the job done, and in fact did work it out in the end,

If anyone out there would like to use securetrading let me know .


Do you mean, that you have edited one of the existing payment modules to work with a different (unsupported) payment gateway?

I am looking at doing this for internetSecure. I am not sure how difficult this is yet, but hopefully it is not too hard.

As you suggest, i took an existing payment gateway and modified the files to suit - probably only thesame thing the cs development team do.

the knowledge base makes a starts at covering this and points you in the right direction of the files to edit but you will probably need the integrators guide of you chosen payment gatway to know exactly what you are doing.

I think some payment gatways are probably harder than others and you can do a more thorough job to include all the possible variables if you want but these are probably not compulsory which can make the job easier.


thanks for that. I have the instructions from my gateway supplier for changing a couple of things in the authorize .net module.