Secure Hash Validation Issues - Payment Gateway - $30 via paypal if can fix it


Having issues with introducing Secure Hash Validation

There code says I add the PHP

$string = “$secretKey|$account_id|$amount|$refrence_no|$return_url|$mode”;

$secure_hash = md5($string);

and to the form

I’ve added the code below to the PHP

$hash = $secret_key|$ebs_account|$ebs_total|$order_id|“$current_location/$index_script?dispatch=payment_notification.return_url&DR={DR}&payment=EBS&order_id=$order_id”|“LIVE”;

$secure_hash = md5($hash);

When I turn on Hash Validation it fails,

Any one know how to recreate “$secretKey|$account_id|$amount|$refrence_no|$return_url|$mode”; from CS-CART Values?

The form part already contains,

I must also state that the script works 100% with hash turned off, any ideas guys?

$30 via paypal who ever can get it right for me


Hello Stephen,

I face the same problem,

Have you got any solution for that.