Secondary catergory question

So my boss threw this at me today and i dont have an anwser for it yet, makes since but dont know if it will work.

heres my situation:

We are a motorcycle company that sell 10’s of thousands of parts.

we have a category called “parts by motorcycle” and of coarse all of our parts have there own main category themselves. Example: our engine cases are in the “engines” category. What we want to do is also be able to put these in the secondarycategorys for the bikes.

heres my delima, alot of these parts fit multiple bikes. When product is exported, the “secondary category” looks something like this “Parts By Motorcycle///Pre 1980 Moto Guzzi Motorcycles///V 35-50 Electronic Ignition 350-500cc 1977-80///Frame///Body”

well if this part fits multiple bikes, that is a ton of data to type out and import back in. What im wanting to know is, is there someway to have each bike with a special “code” and then just enter that code there in the secondary category?


The actually do the import of categories correctly. I.e. they work solely off of the path/name of what’s specified. If you make a spelling error then you’ll end up with dups.

If you’ve set your products up already not sure what the issue is since an export is quite readable by an import.

Why don’t you setup Product features of something like “Compatible Bikes” and list the bikes that product is compatible with.

In excel you can joint cells content using the “=A1&B1&C1&D1” operation in cell E1, and later copy-paste-as-value in other column. Even the C1 could have data from other cells… It saves time on typing.

How may bikes you have?