Second Storefront With Its Own Colour Scheme?


How do I edit the colour scheme for my second storefront so that it does not override the colour scheme on the original?

I have logged into admin, selected my second storefront from drop down, gone to design, theme editor and changed the colours. However doing it changes colours for both storefront.

I could have two different themes so must be a way to do a different colour scheme. Thankls

Did it. I just copied the theme styles from the FTP, stuck a _2 after the name, reuploaded and edited and works.

Did you try to save your changes as another Style without copying original theme?

Yeah, so I copied the original, renamed and used that and its sorted now :)

If I'm not mistaken, the 'themes' are managed internally by company_id (storefront) if you use the theme editor and are in the context of the storefront to be managed. I.e. if I have 1 store A; and then add a second store B. By default, B inherits everything from A. But I can then select B as the "Store" (upper left of admin panel) and then select Design/Themes (or Layouts). Any changes made will then only apply to the selected 'Store' (company_id). There shouldn't be a need to copy the theme files if all you are doing is managing the styles and layouts.

If you're customizing the file contents (not recommended other than last resort) then yes, you should copy the theme files. But you can used hooks that are conditional upon company_id to do most everything that might be special for a specific storefront.

Be careful you don't create a nightmare that will be very costly to maintain and impossible to move forward....