second storefront as white label but how do I know where the orders come froms?

I am considering to get an ultimate cs cart version with a principal web site and a subdomain used as a white label from other clients.

Let's say I have three vendors using this white label integrated as iframes in their web site to sell my products under their domain.

In my back end how do I know how much do I own to each of these clients?

Is there a way?

In tourism market white labels are VERY IMPORTANT…

Than you!

You set up the 2nd store as a subdomain and the orders are processed per store so that you can filter them.

The Store ID is also displayed in the Orders page like so:


Thanks for your reply but I guess I haven’t been clear.

I know I can easily filter products by store but one of these stores is used by other vendors that has nothing to do with my cs cart.

Those vendors use my ecommerce as an iframe into their web sites (as white labels).

More vendors uses same storefront via iframe, so I do I know who is selling what? There is a way to track this as for the affiliations?

Thanks again, I hope it is more clear :)

That's a very complicated way of setting it up and how you would track the sales and subsequent vendor payouts, I don't know.

Your best bet is to set up affiliates, and give your vendors a unique affiliate ID, that way they can display your products on their site however they wish and link to the products using their affiliate ID in the URL.

hi there,

thanks but affiliates are just a way to show my banners and not my products to an external web site.

I need to be able to show my store in another web site without my brand (white label concept), in tourism as I said is a normal practice between vendors.