Second Store Dedicated To B2B Only

Hi There Hi All

Here with some question about our Fisrt MultiStore ( well just going to add the second store)

We think to add A store/license to our Cs.Cart.

The New STore ( differently from the main one) will be dedicated to B2B Only

This does Mean we are not going to lead ANY product for sale ( seriuosly )

But lots Of PDF with Exploded-view drawing, Then Verified Customer Only will contact

us with Item Numeber /COD/SKU ( they found on Exploded-view drawing)

and Desired QUantity via A form to get a Quote.

QUestion are then:

  • Domain Mapping will be Possible? ( via/tru ?) Otherwise, giving Google Ranking it's NOT A Priority here a sub folder will do?
  • giving First Store it's a classical and basic e-commerce( open to All to browse), will be feasible to have a second store closed out to anyone But to autorized Logins Only

  • can I stop bots /crawlers from lurkinf through the pdf and Items on secon store (on same install)?

  • It's there any mod/plug to make that said second store ( B2B vocated) more like an CRM ?

Many thanks to anyone for tips, suggestions hacks of just pointing out how wrong
I am in this project :)


Suggest you not use a subfolder but instead a subdomain. I.e.

You can require login to view the site or any page within it. But if you do that you need to leave one page available and that is to send you an email requesting an account and then you'd need to set it up for the customer.

Bots/crawlers will be caught by the same authentication requirement as users.

With our Login Redirect addon you can close required store-front for unauthorised users and bots

Many Thanks for you Advice @tbirnseth and @ecomlabs

Many Thanks for you Advice @tbirnseth and @ecomlabs

I warmly Invite any ...passer by to share his/her view on this matter