Searching for new Programmer/Tech Guy

Ok I had a few good years with my old programmer/tech guy, but one day he just vanished. After a few months of emails I suppose it is time to search out a new programmer/tech guy. Where oh where did my Joe go? :-(

I say programmer/tech guy because I a an older guy and really am a bit clueless on all the website tech stuff. So whenever I have server issues/site issues/need cs-cart upgraded/ and lots of mod’s done I alwasy referred to my tech guy.

Basically he kept us up to date, running smooth, and did some cool updates and mod’s when needed. Our site is quite small, and our budget is even smaller so not looking for that $100 an hour guy (sorry USA, usually your way overpriced and we are based in the US. But your willing to contact me)

So would like referrals, references, on who I can contact to find me a new go to guy. Thanks



Joe fixed something for me when I first came here… good guy.

I am pretty sure Joe had something to do with cscartrocks. Check them?

I have tried to email him for over 2 months with no response. I think he is just too busy to mess with a little guy like myself. Bad thing is he left me with a few bugs that won't seem to work thierselfs out. Site still fine, but just small issues that nag at me.

Hello milezone!

We will be glad to see you as our client. We work with CS-Cart for a long time, support our projects and never disappear!

You may contact us to get a free quote for your projects. Our prices are quite reasonable, definitely cheaper than in US.

We usually start working after 3-5 business days the payment is made.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hello milezone, we provide full range of cs-cart services. You may PM us to get a free quote.

Regards, cartfix.