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I've seen a few posts that request this feature, but I have not found one with specific add-on info. I thought perhaps it already exists since there have been several requests so I thought I'd check.

We sell digital art with a single user license so there is little reason for customers to purchase the same item again (only if they've lost their files and wish to replace them). We're interested in an add-on that will alert the customer if they have already purchased an item. Obviously the customer would need to be logged in.

(Preferred formatting) It could be a note added to the product details page. For example placed after the CODE :

Purchased on : Date-this-customer-purchased-this-item

(Alternate formatting) Or it could be some sort of flag in the cart : 'You already purchased ITEM-NAME-HERE on DATE-PURCHASED-HERE.'

Does anyone know of an add-on providing this functionality for MV 4.2.4?

I've done this for other clients. Click the link in my signature to initiate the quote process.

If I remember correctly, what we did is: when a customer adds an item to the cart, we check to see if it has been previously purchased. If so, we give a warning notification that the item has previously been purchased. If they're not logged in, then this isn't done at this step. However, when they are in checkout and the email address is then available for an anonymous user, we then check to see if any of the products in the cart have been previously purchased by a user with that email address and notify them then.

This could be easily changed to add the date of purchase and a link to the order it was purchased in to the notification.

If you really want this as part of viewing the product page, that will add a lot of lookups as people navigate unless a new table was built with customer, order and product info in it that could be referenced. An additional adminstrative step would need to be done to build this table from your existing orders. This would be a bit more work, but still quite doable. Adding it to the product detail page would negate having to do it again in the cart or during checkout.

Thank you for the info & detailed explanation! That's a big help.

I think the cart notification system would work fine with the noted adjustments. I'll be in contact via your form.

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