Searchanise Suppport: Worst Ever

Hi there,

We've been using searchanise and on our home page the search has not been working.

We'd posted on 7/4/2014 after which we had shared them our API key on 12/4/2014 and since then they have not replied yet.

I must say, they have the worst support ever.

Would like to know that has anyone faced similar problems with their support?



Dear NaMO,

Thank you for the message.

We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the Searchanise technical support service. According to the communication history, your request was posted in our system on April 28. The comprehensive reply has been recently sent to you, please check your e-mail account to find the explanation to the issue. We hope you will find the information useful.

To make sure that your request is sent correctly, please post it using the Contact the developers form on the Searchanise settings page in your store administration panel. In most cases we provide a reply within one business day.

We hope you will change your opinion on the service in the future.

Thank you.

Mariya Vechkanova

CS-Cart & Searchanise Support team