Searchanise Replacement - Aka Google Api Search

I am sure I saw in the Marketplace but I just cannot find it again.
There is a developer out here that has and Google API Search Addon but I just forgot who.

Can someone help me out here and find the developer and the addon.

There it WAS...but now gives a 404

There it WAS...but now gives a 404

Thanks John

I knew I saw it on the marketplace a while ago now you have seen it as well. What happened to it ? Does anyone else have a clue ?

The original developer perhaps ??

Just boosting this topic once more.

What alternative is there for Searchanise, whatever happened to a Google or Bing API module that would allow it to compete with Searchanise ?

We are now currently on the basic pro plan for 9 USD but it still a chunk for a feature that is unfortunately not very much used by our customers.