Searchanise No Longer A Free Service

[quote][color=#666666]In 2012, when we launched Searchanise, we could afford to offer our service for free to most customers. As the service grew, it became harder and harder. Today, we have come to the point when to keep Searchanise growing we have to switch early subscribers like you to the [/color]new pricing plans[color=#666666].[/color]

If you have 25 products or less, you can continue to use Searchanise for free. To continue using Searchanise on a bigger store, you must upgrade to the Searchanise Pro subscription. This subscription includes all the advanced features of Searchanise. To make the offer more attractive, we offer you a 50% discount on Searchanise Pro for a year.

[color=#666666]To subscribe with the discount, go to your Searchanise control panel, click [/color]Unlock Pro features[color=#666666], then click [/color]Upgrade to Pro[color=#666666], enter your email, and click [/color]Proceed to secure payment[color=#666666]:[/color]


Is there/will there be a substitute or alternative for Searchanise?

I don't think there is an off the shelf option.

I am seriously considering the $195.00 subscription package.

12 months of upgrades , Twigmo and Searchanise ( + Facebook

and buggy ebay add on ).

The Searchanise option alone is $216.00 ( 12 x $18.00 ) for 12 months.

[quote name=‘termalert’ timestamp=‘1435233685’ post=‘220336’]

$216.00 ( 12 x $18.00 )


haha 12*54$=648$… niiiice :-o

P.S. Ребята, что за балет?

I have a hard time paying Searchanise when CS-Cart should have a properly working search feature out of the box. I didn't sign up for the subscription as most of our customers know how to navigate a website.

Yes, the Subscription became a LOT less attractive when they canned Searchanise

from the extras offered.