Searchandise Stopped Working


Is anyone having problems with searchandise?

We've been using it on a number of stores for some time without too many problems, but all of a sudden it stopped working across all of them.

Affecting multiple versions of CS-Cart ranging from 2.25 through to latest version 4 stores, hosted on multiple different servers.

On our side when we click Force re-indexation button it all appears to work okay and there are no PHP errors logged or similar, but admin continues to show “No products submitted”.

Anyone else having similar difficulties, or can confirm that the Force index feature is working for them at present?

Thanks for your help,

The HappyFruitBat

We have this on a couple of sites and yes, it has stopped working.


We are sorry that you are having problems with Searchanise. Have you contacted the support team via the form in your Searchanise control panel yet?


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We have this on a couple of sites and yes, it has stopped working.



I ask you too to contact the Searchanise support team and inform them about the malfunctioning. You will find the contact form in your Searchanise control panel.


Hi Clips and kmolchanov,

Thank you both for your replies.

Useful to know when the fault is not on our side as it saves many hours debugging!

As of this morning all of the sites statuses have changed from “no products” to either “up to date” (and searchandise is working) or index pending (and hopefully it will start workingn again soon).

So seems like whatever the problem was they have fixed it.

And thank you kmolchanov for your suggestion regarding the support form, we've noted that and will use that in future.


I'm glad the issue has resolved itself (hopefully).

Feel free to contact the support team at any time!

Ours is back up and running too.


There was nothing in the searchanise control panel. Only that items were active, but it did not show your other information like it normally does.


Thanks for the clarification!

This is really weird, we haven't received any similar reports lately. If this issue occurs again, feel free to contact me directly at


It stopped again. Tells me …

[color=red]Store-side sync error.

Click the Force re-indexation button below.

The regular store search is used at the moment. [/color]

Don't worry about replying. I really don't know why I stuck with Seachanise anyway. It drastically slows the page load down. The main thing I liked was the ability to change the background of the drop down. Now it keeps crashing too. Plus you put out a tweet that the “free” part is only good for up to 250 items. No need to clarify anything because I've already turned it off.