Good day,

I want to add global filter to a group of products but not sure how to search-filter them out. Say 80% of the products (beads) are meant to be “polished” but this word in not in title and not presented as feature, rest 20% ot “raw” word in title. So how do I search, filter out all products in category that has no “raw” word in title in other invert selection to raw?

Nobody knows?

If I understand you correctly, you should use the Search words product field

Search words – List of words by which the product should be easily found in the built-in search facility.

Google has such option to ignore



Task - category contains two kinds of products “polished metal” and not polished “metal” named just metal (original title is much longer).

I have created a filter to show results “polished” and “raw” but how to bulk apply correct feature to products?

In google I would simply search for either:

“polished metal” or “-polished metal” and did bulk changes.

Simplest solution for me was to move “polished metal” products to other category and do changes there.