search results show all the same unrelated products

I’ve seen threads on search boxes returning nothing but can’t find a solution to my issue…

My results show the same things all the time, but in a slightly different order. If I type in “bee”, I get butterflies, dragonflies, etc. If I type in “blue”, i get every color under the rainbow…

If I type in something I don’t have, it pulls the same list as well!

It used to work really well in sp2, but sp3 search results are a disaster!

just an observation, i typed in blue and got a bunch of results (as you said)

but, this is in the long description:

(as are a bunch of words that are not relevant)

Available Emily Butterfly decor colors:
white, yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green.

maybe exclude “long description” from your search

I typed in “Playboy” and “Beer” and got “0” results:cool:


hmm… I think you’re onto something… but i don’t know how to do that…

In /customer/side_boxes/search.tpl change this line:

Okay, that worked and I’m getting closer…

when I type “bees” I get a list if unrelated stuff. The only thing I find in common is that bees are listed in “customers also bought” list on the product page. Does anyone know the code for that?