Search Results Page List Instead Of Grid After Update

We recently updated our CS Cart Multi-vendor from 4.5 to 4.11.5 & everything went well - however the search result page no longer displays in a grid (it always appeared the same as our category page as a grid) but now simply throws each result as a single line URL to the product.

Is the grid option no longer available for search results as a basic setting or am I missing something?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Try to disable Settings -> General -> Search also in -> Pages option

Thanks eComLabs - I found this idea in an older post and tried it - however it made no difference that I could see unfortunately.

Try to delete the var/cache directory manually from the file manager in the control panel of your server

eComLabs - brilliant - thanks for the heads up - I am not really a programmer - more of an old fashioned design hacker! That 100% worked and has solved the issue on 2 of my websites!

​I am very grateful for the advice!

You are welcome! :)