Search Orders for a Deleted Item?

When an item is deleted from the product listing, any order containing it will show that “DELETED PRODUCT SKU: [whatever]” was purchased. Is there any way to modify Search so I can look for an order containing such a sku?

Let’s say a deleted sku was Widget100. Obviously the database still knows that Joe Customer bought item Widget100, and on what order number. That seems like searchable information, but the advanced search function only allows me to search by Ordered Products that are chosen from the items currently in the products listing. What I’d like is a function Search Orders For Sku: [and then a box to enter a string]. The result would be the order that sold Widget100.


(if you’re wondering why I delete items at all, it’s because a majority of my SKUS are one-of-a-kind items. Jobosales once suggested just hiding those skus rather than deleting, which would keep them searchable, but over time it would really clog the database with many hidden products that will never be for sale again. I prefer to keep things lean ‘n’ mean :smiley: )

I am not sure but 2.1 may have the feature that you need.

CS cart mentioned adjusting the database but I am not sure how it works.

This was fixed in 2.0.15. Order data is now copied into the order detail rather than being referenced in the products table.