Search orders by custom field & download ordered products list


I have version 2.22 at the moment. I have a custom field called ‘Delivery Date’ which the customer has to select under ‘Delivery & Billing Details’ at checkout (Step 2). This is the date that the customer wishes to have his/her order delivered.

I need firstly to have this as one of the fields in my ‘View orders’ page, so that I can sort orders by Delivery Date. If I were then to download all orders with a particular delivery date, I would then like to see a summary of the total quantities of each of the products ordered for that day. So for example, if I downloaded orders with a delivery date 7/11/12, I would see a list of Product x = 5 qty, Product y = 10 qty etc. This would help me with stock & administration, as I do this manually at present.

Does anyone know if this can be done, and if not is someone able to do it?

Many thanks