Search only "in-stock" items


We sell fish (for aquariums), and I’d like to have page on our website that shows all fish that are in stock (1 or more items). There’s two ways I thought of doing this:

1 - create another category for “In-stock Fish” and add that category as a “secondary” category on every fish we have in stock. But this becomes a long process as we receive fish almost every week.

2 - Create a link to a “search result” that searches only for in stock items that are under the Livestock category and all sub -categories.

** #2 is what I’m looking to do. Anyone know if that’s possible?



Personally, I believe I would fully utilize the inventory tracking options within CS-Cart to accurately reflect your actual inventory available.

Then, as you mentioned, I would create a second category named something like “Selections Currently Available”

You could then simply create an html link to this new category so that your customers could easily find your currently available products.

I would also create a new block (or some type of banner) right on the middle of your homepage which only contains this “Selections Currently Available” category to help drive your customers directly to the category you most importantly need them to see. (In other words, I would not make them have to look too hard for this category or rely strictly on the search function!)

But this is what I’m not sure how to do…

How do you get all items (only from one main category) to show up under that new “category” we just created?

Track with options is already selected on all my livestock, and Enable Inventory Tracking is also checked.

Thanks for your help, btw.


I think I found how to do it. It sorta works as long as it’s called under the category I’m in…

I created a “product filter” for in-stock items, and copied the url link, and created a menu item called “In-stock” which calls the url.

I just wish there was a way to call it on it’s own page.

Here’s the link to it, maybe you’ll understand better what I mean: