Search For Vendors Functionality


I am on a demo and finding the software very good. I am hoping I am missing a configuration setting for the search for vendor page.

I expect to define the delivery areas for each vendor by post code, and then when the customer enters their post code, the vendors that can deliver to that post code then appear.

For example, I set up a vendor on my multi vendor website called ABC Ltd. I then set ABC Ltd with a rate area called ABC Delivery Areas. The rate area is then limited to postcodes beginning OX2* or OX3*.

If a customer then enters the post code OX2 1AA, then the vendor ABC Ltd appears on the map, and the customer can shop in their store.

If a customer then enters the post code OX4 1AA, then the vendor does not appear on the map as the vendor has not said they will deliver to OX4* postcodes.

How do I configure CS cart to work like this ?

Thank you.