Search Engine Position

It really depends on the work you do to market your site. CSCart does as well as any cart in SERPS by itself. Your content, backlinks and other organic SEO will dtermine your position.

CS-Cart has done wonders SEO wise and I’m yet to SEO my site, the google sitemap mod is effectively your best and most efficient sitemap mod,

CS-CART has SEO URL rewriting making your sites more attractive to all search spiders (requires Apache server with mod_rewrite)

CS-cart is now moving towards XHTML and CSS templates from the smarty system and so far benchmarks have been very convincing. We will have to wait for the 1.3.5 release to gain XHTML templates however my site seems to be going well at the present moment.


It takes time and keywords to climb the gooyahoo ladders have a quick look at your cart, your SEO, visitors etc…

searching ‘falcon gmb’ in will get my site at roughly 150,

searching the same keywords into (Australian) I’m about the 4th or 5th. What you have to ask yourself is whether everyone else is fighting for specific keywords and find the ones usually left out in the cold.

I’m only using SEO urls and google_sitemap mod so you know there’s more you can do then just the basics.

CS-Cart seems to be VERY search engine friendly. Even before they had SEO optimized URL options my products were in top keyword positions.

The cart itself is fine and will be spidered accordingly…

Search engine position however is down to your content, only you can control this… but CS wont hinder your progress, especially if the SEO addon is turned on.

Jesse: Ive gotta say, they are not s****ping smarty as far as im aware !