Search CS Cart or Unitheme 2 or are filters better?

Search CS Cart or Unitheme 2 or are filters better?

I have about 5,000 products and the text for my search variables - color, style, design, materials etc are mostly in the product descriptions.

You are looking for search solution?

Please have a look our addon which can search by any product data

I am not looking for a new search solution I am looking to decide between two that I already have.

Do you know which is better between the two?

Both solutions use the same search engine for filters. So just choose design you like more

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Thank you for the information I will use the Theme search probably as it is built into the Uni theme 2 which I am using.

What do you think about the CS cart built in filters?

Does it provide something different or better than the search function?

Filters are just extra parameters processed by built-in search engine

So if I understand you correctly the Unitheme 2 search should be all that I need?

It seems like the main difference is the formative customer uses to enter the product that they are looking for.

With search all information is in the search box

With filters the requests are more organized but the end result is about the same?

In general - yes, you are right

Thank you for your answer.