Search by any words

hi everybody! i know you are all great here and wished to know the best configuration for what im after! i would like for my to type keyword1 and keyword2 into the search box and get results containing only keyword1 AND keyword2. however at the moment its not picking them up unless keyword1 and keyword2 are in the product as a search term in the exact order written into the search box! ideally i want keyword1 and keyword2 picked up if they exist ANYWHERE in the product! is this possible?also ideally if for instance someone typed pads rather than earpads it wont recognise it although the word pads is containes within the word earpads.

i hope the makes sense and someone can help configure the search correctly?!?


Your request is quite reasonable. Unfortunately, there is nothing provided that allows a user to select “contains”, “all words”, “any words” or “exact phrase” in searches. There are some mods in other threads. Suggest you search for REGEX to find the thread I’m thinking of.