Search BOX error

When I try to search i get to a page with PHP error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function fn_revisions_process_select() in /home/content/t/r/a/MYWEBSITE/html/core/ on line 194

Does anyone who how to fix this :confused:

Did you upgrade from an earlier beta?

We are having the same problem, but we upgraded from the Beta. If I figure anything out I’ll let you know.

post a bug report, the revisions and workflow addons have been removed from the RC1 release, they will be included in another release when they are more finalized…

Ok… finially looked at it. Really easy fix.

Change line 194 in core/…




if (Registry::is_exist('revisions') && !Registry::get('revisions.working')) {

All this does is check to see if Revisions is setup, and only run the revisions code if it is enabled.