Search box - basic skin

Can someone assist. I’m using basic template and have installed add-on Quick search, but the Search Box remains to the same does not show categories and the quick search feature. Just a box to type and the the button to search. Is there someone where in the design area I need to turn it on? Help greatly appreciated.

Stays the same afet installing just allows a drop down of the items your searching for

Make sure too that you generated the catalogue the first time in admin/addons/quick search/edit


Hello John,

Thank you it worked… Just another question, how can I have next to search box have another box with a drop down showing the categories? Reply is greatly appreciated

Not sure what you mean, you mean you want to search categories like search products? via same type box.


Hello John,

See this skin Click here view the search showing “All Categories”. Is there a switch on for this?

Hope you can help

bump any one can help?