Search Bar API

Hi all, I am just wondering as i cannot seem to see it anywhere on the forums whether it is possible to run the search box for our store on for instance another site or in a flash logo? Is there an API that can be used in order to achieve this does any body know or has anyone done this in the past.

Thanks for your help.

If the search is going to find the products on your site, it has to seach the product data. There are two ways of accomplishing this:

BAD WAY (asking to get hacked):

  1. Use Ajax or a remote SQL connection to parse the database remotely.

    BAD WAY (just looks ugly):
  2. Open the site or part of the site in a frame.

  3. Create a feed (using the data exporter). Parse the feed with the search box code.

    This is probably the best way to remotely parse the data without needing to deal with secure JSON requests or database connections or other difficult coding.

    I would image it working like this:
  • Create a CSV or XML file using the data exporter.
  • From the remove site, create the search box form.
  • A simple Ajax request to read the CSS or XML file.
  • Perform the search in either javascript or PHP or whatever.
  • Return and display the results.

dude this is excellent the two bad ways i completely agree will.the xml idea will prob work the best and was looking at burying a search in a flash ad.just to add user interaction with the banner and offer somethnig different.