Scroller effect on Blocks placed in Central

I’ve discovered that the “Appearance type” of a block is driven by the block’s position. This means that I can create a “Bestsellers” block with an Appearance type of “Scroller” if I place it in the left or right columns, but not if I place it in the Top, Central, or Bottom. The code driving this exists in: /schemas/block_manager/structure.php. In this file, each Appearance type has the available positions defined as an array. The Scroller appearances all have:

```php ‘positions’ => array (‘left’, ‘right’) ```

If I change this to:

```php ‘positions’ => array (‘central’, ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘top’, ‘bottom’) ```

I can now use Scroller in the Top and Bottom, BUT not in Central. Has anyone else explored this and found a solution?



I believe the array has to be in this specific order:

'positions' => array ('left', 'right', 'central', 'top', 'bottom')

UPDATE: I just tried this and it really balls up the cart, it would take some time to trouble shoot this, it can be done, however since CS is more familiar it would be much easier to post a request for this feature through the helpdesk…

Tech Support’s reply to my inquiry:[QUOTE]In this case you need to create the block on the “Blocks” page of your administration panel(the link to this page is in the “Design” tab).

Then click on the top of the created block, holding the button down and move the block to the desired position.[/QUOTE]Glen

The problem is that the .tpl file hardcodes the width of the product window to 140px.

These are constants set early on by smarty - this should really be a calculation done by the page javascript - that’s how most jcarousel implementations do it - i.e. they assess the width/height of the carousel container and calculate the distances to traverse tiles -

The CS-Cart implementation relies on constants set in smarty tags.