Script: Add Features to Products

Since CS-Cart did the Google export stuff as a feature, I wanted a way to add all the required features to my products.

I had a problem adding features to my products though. Everytime I did it, it would overwrite my existing features. I thought this was pretty lame and I didn't like it. A lot of my products have quite a few features and I sure didn't want to loose all of them to just add the Google features.

So Tony Birnseth made up a great script that allows the features to be added without removing the old features. You can add one feature or 10 features, the script doesn't care, it just does it. You still have to be careful that your CSV is formatted correctly, but beyond that, it is pretty simple.

Tony was nice enough to donate his script to the forum, which is really great. I had a problem remembering the correct URL to use though, so I had this script combined with a file uploader and a thing that runs the script.

I have attached the package to this post. The instructions are contained in the zip.

One thing that I can't stress enough, is to BACKUP your site, especially your database. If you don't have the correct formatting for your CSV, you will mess up your features. This script works really well, but if you aren't familiar with Excel and importing/exporting from CS-Cart, you might consider hiring someone to help.

I hope this helps some of you guys that aren't on Google Base yet.




Can you please re-post the download as I am unable to download it as it is not found on the CSCart server :(

You need to use Firefox or something other than IE. The download works great in FF.