Saving layout/block changes with skins

Hi all,

I'm new to CS Cart and I've been having a go at creating/customising a new skin to fit the website.

It seems pretty easy to understand and get the hang of but I'm not sure how to save changes to the layout with the skin.

For instance, if I move around a few blocks on the home page and then switch to another skin the layout returns to the original setup.

Now, I notice each skin has a layouts.xml file in its root folder.

When changing to another skin is it this file that CS Cart uses to set the location/block layout?

And, if so, is it simply a case of exporting the altered locations and substituting the original layouts.xml for the new one?

Many thanks.

Okay, I think I understand how this works now.

When switching between skins that have already been loaded (i.e files have already been copied to the '/skins' folder), the layout does not change. Therefore you have to manually import the xml file with the desired layout.

When loading a new skin for the first time, while copying the files from '/var/skin_repository' to '/skins', the program will apply the layouts.xml file in the custom skin's root folder.

So, once a layout is organised for a particular skin, I should 'Export Locations', rename the file to 'layouts.xml', and place that file in the relevant custom skin's root folder (overwriting/replacing the original 'layouts.xml' file).

Then when loading the skin for the first time the desired layout will be applied. Plus it is easy to then find and re-import that layout if switching between skins in the future.

If anyone has any better methods or knows of something amiss in what I'm doing please let me know.

If I haven't overlooked it, I definitely think it would be a worthwhile addition to add the following to the 'Blocks' or 'Skin selector' pages in admin:[list]

[]Abitlity to save a layout to a skin (e.g. export/save locations to '/custom_skin_folder/layouts.xml')

]Option to apply a skin's layout when switching between skins.


So if I understand you correctly, I should export locations from the skin im using it (before i actually change the skin in skin selector) and then import it to the new skin that I just made and selected it in selctor?