Saving blocks layout for admin

I have had this question from many customers. Can I save the blocks layout in the design area for a future use?

It is very Useful as an option and you can already find it in the advance search fields or the import export screens. So you can have for each page section ready made layouts and use them in a matter of seconds.

Is there a solution for that? I also opened a topic in the ideas forum. If you find it also useful please vote it.


If you just disable the block all you'd have to do is re-enable it to get it to work.


Hi Brandon,

Yes I understand that but then you endup with a lot of disabled and enabled blocks to choose. It would be easier to save a block layout with a a name and just let show the ones you like.


Well after all Cs-Cart had that also in mind cause you will find it in version 3. Not only it exports all blocks and positions but also all HTML code in them ( when you use HTML directly in the block and not in banner). Brilliant !

Thank you Cs-Cart.

Yea, remember that V3 is focused at multi-store so having a way to clone a store becomes much more important then.