Save Block Location

Using 2.1.0, I am moving my best sellers block from left to right column. It moves OK, but how do I save its location. When I come back to that block page it reverts back to its old location. I tried clearing cache. Shouldn’t there be a save button after I move a block? What am I missing?

Are you moving it on the page in which the block was created?

I am not sure what you are asking. Under the All Pages section of the Block page I am trying to move the Best Sellers block from the left to right. It moves and locks into position. But it is not saved when I leave that page and come back?

I see now. Are you using the blocks that were initially setup? I had to delete all of the blocks that were initially setup and create new ones in order for it to work properly.

I’ll delete it and start over. Hopefully that will fix it.


Sorry, still a NOGO. Now when I create a new block it does not show up after I click on Create. Where did it go?

Something isn’t right. Is this a clean install or updated? If it’s updated then I would say there is a file(s) that are corrupt. Mine is working properly.

It was an upgrade from 2.08. I submitted a Support Ticket, curious what they find.