Save additional -$X at checkout

I would like to state below the product price “Save additional -$X at checkout”.

I know how to set an automatic discount at checkout for a product but I want to notify the customer of the discount on the product page below the price.

Is there a variable for discount on products (i.e., {discount.on.products} that can be added to product template below product price?

Do you know how this can be done, or if an addon exists to accomplish this? I can’t find an addon to do this anywhere.

Or how could I add text right below the price for a specific product?


Maybe our addon will be helpful for you?

Addon adds button Apply discount at the product page and inform customer about extra discount at the checkout (coupon code will be applied)

I saw this addon but I want the discount listed on the product page. I want the customer to immediately see what the discount is. Can this be done with your addon?

Unfortunately no, customer should press this button to see new price.

We can change the message on the button like “Get XXX USD discount”, but additional custom development will be required.

What would be the cost?

Please send me personal message or send request via contact form, we wil estimate this task.

I found a work-around. No longer need your help. Thanks.