Same site, two domains?

Not sure where I needed to post this message at.

I have no idea where to begin. Let me try and put this in laymen terms. O.K., so, let’s say you own a site called (i made it up) and sell, plastic flowers… whatever.

Now, if your the owner of the site, of course, a customer may misspell the name and type in (with a s instead of a z) but if you buy that domain too, you can forward them back to your main site.

O.K., but I noticed is some cases companies upload the exact same site on both domain names! So you aren’t just forwarding them. You go to or and they are 100% alike but each their own.:confused:

Why do this? What is the advantage. Because when go to Google, the only site you see listed is That is the main site regardless.

And how difficult would this be for somebody like me? Would I need two different CS-Carts and two different merchant accounts?

Just curious.


The first link you have does not work. [url][/url]. Google suggests

The second looks like a directory site.

I forward one of my domains to my site. I can specify maked or unmased when forwarding.

If masked, all you see in the url is the domain that was forwarded. Does not change when going through the site. If you specify unmased, then it is forwared and you see all the page urls as you navigate.

Hard to see what’s happening with the examples you gave since the first link does not work.

With some shopping carts, you can create a Mall (Not sure about cs-cart).

This is where you have one database and multiple front ends. All the products are in the one admin, but not all the products are in all the front ends. Each could be specialized.

Maybe someone else can help you.

I don’t see the point in having 2 domains for 1 site

the best thing to do would be to just do a 301 re direct

it’s not going to help your ranking in google have 2 domains

it will eventually get you a duplicate content penalty if the 2 sites have the same domain

unless you get them not to index one of your sites by going into google webmaster central

how do you know they are only indexed by 1 domain?

go into google at type in

then see what the have indexed

then do

are both domains being indexed?

two domains for one site makes sure customers visit your site.

I’ve got ownership of and

just incase someone somehow adds an ‘s’ at the end of the url.

I would suggest that you only have the one active domain and forward the other to the primary domain.

There is a very simple solution that we provide for our hosting clients, but even if you are hosting somewhere else, they should give you the ability to do this.

It is called a redirect. Your main site,, has all of your content you want your customers to see. You also setup a redirect so that if someone enters, they are automatically redirected to your preferred url.

Of course, you will have to register each of the domains. I do this all the time for my own websites. Not only because of typo’s but also to thwart the jerks that register domains similar to mine so they can hijack my customers. Some of these A**holes even go as far as setting up fake websites to look like the real thing.

Redirects can also be done within .htaccess, but I haven’t got a clue how to do that.

I know. BUT there is a difference between forwarding customers to another site and having two different sites that are 100% alike.

By the way, I just made up So, if you check it out… I have no idea what you’ll see. :smiley:

BUT I do know of sites that do that… it isn’t merly transfering people from one link to another but really having two completely different sites up and running, you know? I don’t see the advantage of that and from what I read here, most the people on the board have no clue why anybody would do it either.

So, I’ll assume it’s meaningless.

I can’t imagine a good reason to have two identical sites. It doubles your disk space and you have to update both sites if you want new content. A simple redirect instantly puts the visitor on the intended site without them even knowing about it.

Definitely redirect with .htaccess. Multiple domains with the exact same content can hurt your search engine placement