Same Country In Multiple Locations -> Shipping Method Not Offered

Hi, there seems to be a limitation that a country can only be in one location.

We have multiple shipping options, but they apply to a different set of countries. Some overlap, some don’t (this is intentional because shipping option is not available to same set of countries).

Shipping Method 1: Location X with Country A, B, C

Shipping Method 2: Location Y with Country B, C

So if I want to ship to Country B, then Shipping Method 2 will not show up - or sometimes it is the other way round and Shipping Method 1 will not show.

Anyone experienced this before or is this a bug? The knowledge base says that countries in locations should not overlap, but in this case this is by design.

Replicated in CS demo store and posted to bug tracker here:

Classified as “Works As Designed”, although I disagree. It is a limitation: