Same as Billing Address checkbox missing 2.1

Want to see if others have same problem, can’t duplicate in Demo.

Under user profiles, shipping section, I have a drop down field as the first entry in the shipping section, above where it says “First name”

It asks whether the invoice should be sent with order, two items in dropdown. It’s configured to show and is required in checkout.

When I upgraded to 2.1, I still have this Question/Dropdown field, but in the new version, 2.1 there is suppose to be a check box to use the same shipping as Billing. I don’t have it.

If I delete the dropdown, then I do get the check box.

Is this a bug?

Maybe I should move the question to the billing section. The purpose is to prevent sending the invoice to a person if it is a gift.



I'm bringing up an old topic because I too have the same issue in version 3.0.5.

The issue I'm having is on a multi-page checkout, but on page 2 where you enter the billing and shipping information, there's no link/button/checkbox to indicate that the billing and shipping information is the same.