Salesforce export/integration?

Does CS-Cart have salesforce integration?


Not directly / real time that I know off, but you could just export and import a CSV file I guess.

CS-carts export functions are very good… I also use it to import sales into Xero accounting.


There is a some updated info for we are working on cs-cart salesforce connector any very soon we will launch it Please check our all Product in our store CS-Cart Add-ons & Plugins | CS Cart Extensions & Modules - WebKul you can also check it by here

And there is also another big info is that we will also launch cs-cart marketplace

check it our demo also :-

If you have any issue then please shoot a ticket :- [url=“Create Ticket”][/url]

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We have released the salesforce connector for cs-cart. Please check the below links



Salesforce integration is the procedure of combining the data and functionality of Salesforce with another application to provide users with a single suitable experience. It allows you to provide your team with an excellent mix of elements pertaining to both platforms.

There are two techniques to bring out the procedure of Salesforce integration – App-based and code-based.

Salesforce integration allows developers to improve the functionality of Salesforce and allow users save their time and efforts in using tools pertaining to different platforms.