Sales Tax Not Charged

Using 2.1.5 Shipping to USA. Charging tax in Florida only. All setup for taxes for USA,Florida ok. All 5 digit zip codes for each tax change entered. The tax was not charged on an order and when I asked the help desk why, the answer was that the customer entered the zip+4 ( like 33157-7215) and I had entered only 33157 so the computer did not recognize it. Can this really be the problem? Am I the only one using the Cart shipping to USA. If the tax settings are set up for USA + Florida shouldn’t it pick up the first 5 digits and ignore the rest.

Anyone else have this problem. :confused:

ok. According to the help desk, adding a * to the end of the 5 digit zip code solves the problem. I did that and hopefully that ends the problem.

thanks help desk