Sales tax Formulas

Florida has intstituted a sales tax method where the whole amount is taxed first and the remainder under a dollar is bracketed. ie an order in a juristiction that is taxed @ 7% an order for $45.90 @straight 7% would yield a tax of $3.21. However under the Florida method the whole dollar amount $45 @7% is $3.15 and the cents portion of .90 is in a bracket (.86-1.09) which is taxed @ .07 makeing the total $3.22.

There are 8 brackets for amounts up to $1.00. Start adding up 1 or 2 cents per order and there can be a significat difference in collecting and reporting tax collections and then penalties.'

The question is, can this be handled in cart 2.2.5? If so, how.

I am sure the retail stores have programed registers to handle this, so something must be around?

Thanks for any info